Akash Chikhalikar, Arihant Parsoya, Ashutosh Gowardhan, Chaitanya Mandugula, Harshit Sahay, Parimal Chahande, Rahul Ramchandani and Sapan Shah

As another crop of students graduated this month, we set out to know more about the Class of 2016. Covering diverse topics ranging from academic performance and lifestyle to sexual orientation and post-graduation plans, this survey was hosted on a paid platform and students responded anonymously, ensuring more honest replies.

However, it must be added that the responses and analysis may not be fully accurate due to selection and cognitive biasing among respondents and analysts.

Thanks are due to almost a third of the graduating batch who took out time to fill the survey and make this possible. With responses from Dual Degree, 5th year students and B.Tech., 4th year students of various departments, we hope this analysis is more than just an amusing piece of data, but also helps us answer a few pertinent questions about our identity as an institute.

Here’s wishing the graduating batch the very best for their future plans!