Narrative - Career

There has always been a buzz about the career paths IITians choose after they graduate, with numerous questions being raised and accusations being flung (looking at you, Mr. Katju!) regarding their service to the nation. We asked the graduating batch their plans for the immediate as well as the long-term future:

What they’re doing:

  • About 29% of the respondents said they have entered the field of technology/engineering or research for their first jobs; while an additional 22% said they have opted for higher studies. The ‘non-core’ fields of consulting and finance made up 16% and 12% of the sample respectively. Other options like entrepreneurship and government (politics) took up 5% of the sample each. 5% of the graduating batch said they had little idea on what to do next, a perennial issue plaguing many graduating students since time immemorial.

  • Following the previous question, we asked students about their plans 5 years after graduation, and noticed an interesting shift in choices. Respondents aspiring to venture into entrepreneurship rose to 19%, while those wishing to continue in technology/engineering shrank to 17%. Close to 18% of respondents said they wished to pursue higher studies some time in the future, if not immediately. 14% of the respondents wanted to enter politics or a government job. A poignant observation was that about 14% of respondents were confused about their plans in their career.

  • Of the 332 respondents, 140 said they planned on giving the GRE for prospects of higher studies abroad and 62 said they would appear for the GATE. The CAT and GMAT exams for management prospects saw interest from 98 and 74 respondents respectively. 68 students said they would appear for the Civil Services exams somewhere down the line.

Where they’re headed:

  • Out of a total of 332 respondents, 247 (~74%) students are going to work/study in India right after graduation. Of these 247, 98 (~40%) students will work in Mumbai itself. Other popular cities of inhabitation after graduation are Bangalore (21%) and Delhi (17%). Another 17% is comprised by students who will live in Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai or other metropolitan cities.

  • Of the remaining 26% respondents not staying in India after graduation, 54 respondents are headed to the USA, while 10 to Japan/Taiwan/South Korea and 11 to Europe.

  • Although when asked where they would have liked to go irrespective of their posting, about 44% of respondents answered they’d like to stay in India. Other ‘dream’ destinations were the USA (32%), Europe (14%) and Canada (3%).

  • The number of respondents wanting to settle in India is high again, comprising of 71% of total respondents. 16% of respondents wanted to settle in North America, while 8.5% wanted to settle in Europe.


  • We asked students whether the internships they did over the course of their study were decisive in charting their career paths. 35% of them agreed that they were highly influenced by their internships in making career choices, while 30% said they had a mild influence. Only 10% of the respondents said that their interns had no influence.

  • We asked if the respondents had a change of mind regarding their career-sector after an internship, and there were an even number of Yes’s (130) and No’s (135).