Narrative - Extracurriculars

Another favourable statistic was the overall experience, with 69% of the students viewing that the lessons learnt and value addition during their stay would remain with them for the rest of their lives.

  • A total of 115 out of 332 seniors were part of technical/research activities in the institute- upholding the tag of ‘Technology’ associated with the name.

  • This group was followed closely by sports enthusiasts and Mood Indigo's organizing team members which had a strength of 29% and 27% respectively. 26% were involved in cultural activities and 24% were associated with Techfest. A fair share were involved in social activities/events such as NSS and Abhyuday with the number reaching 17%.

  • 96 respondents were involved in activities/groups/clubs not mentioned above. It is endearing to know that only 7% of the graduating respondents were not involved in any extracurricular activity.

Benefits of Position of Responsibility (PoR)

One simply cannot talk about extracurriculars and not talk about PORs. There is always a controversial debate in the institute regarding this topic with one side claiming that it’s just a waste of time and academics are the only way to go while the other side claiming they're necessary to crack a placement interview.

  • Nonetheless, 41% agreed to PoRs being beneficial including the 18.7% who were strongly in favour of the argument. 27% decided to stay out of this argument and responded as neutral.

  • 19% were of the opinion that PORs are more of a nuisance than a value addition.

Development of Skills

  • Students entering IIT as undergrads are titled as bookworms most of the time. However, a whooping 64% developed organisation skills during their course of stay in insti. 150 (21.7%) gained technical skills from the institute followed by learnings taken from cultural and sports activities amassed by 116 and 120 respectively.

  • A small group of 22 people claimed they did not develop any skill and 10% claimed the developed skills different from the ones mentioned.

Value Addition

All the extracurricular activities teach something that one may not otherwise require in your professional life but are necessary to be socially active.

  • It is not surprising that 69.3% people learnt values that they expect to carry lifelong. 41 seniors agreed to have learnt something but were unsure of it’s relevance while only 12 were not confident if they had learnt something. 49 people did not respond to this question.