Narrative - Lifestyle

The average lifestyle of an IITian is expected to be boring and dominated by academics. However, when asked a few questions related to physical fitness and alcohol and nicotine consumption, the results were ‘as expected’ for anyone studying in IIT-B but might be surprising for those outside.

Physical Fitness:

  • 64.2% respondents agreed that participation in physical activities, at least twice a week, is necessary. 63% male and 82% female respondents were in agreement.

  • 19% were indifferent to physical fitness whereas, on the contrary, 11.5% considered themselves to be fitness freaks.

Alcohol and Nicotine Consumption:

  • Approximately 67% surveyees had consumed alcoholic beverages atleast once of which 33% had consumed them mostly during treats. 20% consumed alcohol once a month while 14% once a week.

  • 69% men and 67% women had consumed alcohol atleast once in their stay at IIT-B.

  • 13% respondents had consumed alcohol before coming to IIT itself while 71% started drinking after the completion of their freshmen year.

  • Sunny came up as the leading choice of venue for drinking gathering 33% votes, followed closely by Laxmi at 30%. 14% preferred their rooms to be ideal spots for drinking.

  • The institute seemed to adhere to the ‘no smoking’ principle quite strongly as 72% had never touched a cigarette. 14% had a drag once every 2 or 3 weeks while 4% were chain smokers. 73% started smoking after their freshmen year, 15% during freshmen year and 12% before their IIT chapter began.

  • Of the people who smoked, 95% had consumed alcohol while the vice versa was true for only 37%.

Monthly Expenditure:

  • Excluding academic and mess expenditures, 31% students claimed they spent anywhere between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 3000 per month. 27% spent between Rs. 3000 and Rs. 5000, while expenses of 19% respondents went above Rs. 5000. 8% pegged it below Rs. 1000 while 15% preferred not to disclose it.

  • A staggering 68% claimed majority of their money spent was in food. 88% of this 68% either got used to the mess food at best or disliked mess food most of the times leading to inflated expenditure on food. The expenditure of only 41% of students who disliked mess food was below 3000 per month.

Bucket List:

  • 64.75% have visited Maddu Mess, which opens at 3:30 am and closes at 8:00 am. 62% completed the walk-in-the-park trek to Sameer Hill. Surprisingly, 56% male respondents have never been inside Hostel 10 while 16.2% have never visited the central library of the institute.

  • Ticking off one of the first three points on everyone's bucketlist were 52.4% respondents who have been on a road trip to Goa while 39% have spent a night on their hostel's terrace under the stars.

  • Almost 60% took part atleast once in the fiery competition that the inter-hostel General Championships have to offer.

  • Though one of the least selected options, 16.56% did visit the red light areas of Mumbai.