Narrative - Opinion

We gave the respondents a chance to opine on several issues that are relevant to the student community in general.

About IIT Bombay:

  • With the dilapidated living conditions at IIT Delhi brought to the fore due to the HRD Minister’s ‘surprise’ visit, we ventured to ask students about their contention with their accommodation. While 25% of respondents were indifferent about their room conditions, 36% said they were extremely dissatisfied with the cramped rooms. 24%, however, were content with their rooms.

  • When asked whether IITians felt a social ‘disconnect’ with their peers from other institutes, 18% said they felt a huge disconnect while trying to socialize with peers of their own age. 54% said that this disconnect was momentary and didn’t matter much. Only 14% outrightly denied the existence of such a disconnect.


  • Owing to certain events that have recently been in the news, there is a hysteria about the current government maliciously targeting students' freedom of expression. When asked about their opinion on the same, 25% respondents agreed while 27% disagreed. Although, almost half of the total respondents were neutral or chose not to answer the question.

  • When asked to describe their political leaning, 30.7% respondents said they leaned towards the left (liberal) and 12.04% said they did so towards the right (conservative). However, 190 of 332 respondents were either not politically inclined or chose not to answer.

  • 67% of those who said they aligned towards the right wing disagreed with the notion that the government had anything to do with a phenomenon of students being targeted. On the flip side, of those who aligned leftwards, only 41% believed that the government was actively suppressing students' rights.

  • Among those who opined that they weren't politically inclined, 28% agreed with the above statement while 20% did not. The remaining 52% had no opinion.


  • On religious beliefs, while 39% respondents said they were believers, 21% said they identified as atheists. Another 39% said that they were agnostic.

  • While about 38% of students said they weren’t inclined towards startups and entrepreneurship in general, 10% of them said they founded or cofounded a startup or work currently at a startup. 36% said they wished to work for or found a startup in the future.