Narrative - Personal


  • Majority of our respondents (91.5%) were male whereas only 8.5% were female, a not-so-surprising statistic, since gender diversity in IITs has been a topic of discussion for a while.

  • An overwhelming majority of the respondents (~96%) identified themselves as straight when they joined IIT. After 4 years at IIT, 93% of respondents identify themselves as straight. Although this change is quite small, it can be interpreted as a good sign, that of an accepting atmosphere at IIT which is helped by the presence of Saathi on campus.

  • More than a third of students grew up in Tier 2 cities (37%) followed by students who grew up in Tier 1 Metros (30%). Students who came from towns comprised 26% whereas 6% said they grew up in villages.

Social Life:

  • Almost two-third surveyees responded saying that they were close to their families while here at IIT. Around 30% said that they had little interaction with their families and 3% responded that they did not maintain good relationships with their family members.

  • 40% students responded that they would prefer living with friends, followed by 27% who said they would want to live with their parents. A good number of students, close to 20%, said they would prefer an independent life and would like to live alone, whereas 14% said they would settle with their partner/spouse.

  • Around 40% said they knew a few people from the opposite sex but only as acquaintances. 30% replied that they were close friends with a few people from the opposite sex. 15% respondents had many acquaintances from the opposite sex, while 8% said they had no acquaintances at all from the opposite sex. 8% said they had more friends from the opposite sex than their own.

  • Almost 45% said they spent 1-3 hours a day on social media, followed by 20% who spent less than an hour. 21.1 % were highly active on social media spending atleast 3 hrs/day on social media websites and applications.

Relationships, Sex and Marriage:

  • A majority of respondents felt marriage was far away as 40% had marriage on their plans only after 5 years. A sizable number, 30% said they had no clue when they would get married whereas 20% felt marriage was on the cards within 3-5 years. 6% had no plans of getting married at all.

  • 51.5% had dated while at IIT, out of which 55% had dates outside IIT and 45% within IIT. Of the 45% who said they had not dated while at IIT, 57.5% never dated because they were afraid to ask while 38.5% never felt interested in anyone. 2% of the total said they did not think dating as socially acceptable.

  • Around half (48.8%) of the respondents did not have any relationships while at IIT. 49.7% respondents had atleast 1 relationship during their stay in institute of which 85% had at most 2 relationships.

  • A vast majority, 73% said they never had sex while at IIT. 10% said they had sex regularly for a part of their stay, 10% said they had sex less than 5 times, while 5% said they had sex less than 10 times. 2.5% said they had sex regularly throughout their stay and another 2% chose not to respond.