Graduation Degree

What degree will you be graduating with?

Almost 70.5% of the respondents graduated as Bachelors of Technology. 33.75% received an additional Minor or an Honors Degree or both along with their B.Tech. degree. 27% students graduated with a Masters in Technology in addition to a Bachelors.

Cumulative Performance Index (CPI)

What was your CPI/CGPA?

This year's Senior Survey respondents had an average CPI of 7.87. 163 of the 332 respondents had a CPI greater than 8 while only 43 had CPI greater than 9.

Attitude towards Academic Performance

What was your general attitude towards academic performance?

A symmetric distribution across responses saw 35.7% wanting a decent CPI whereas 32.6%, though sincere enough, were unable to reach their potential.

Expectations vs Reality

How different was the reality compared to your expectations from your department (before coming to IIT)?

The expectation vs. reality blow was quite mild for 43% respondents who opined that their expectations, compared to the reality, were only a tad bit different. 28.7%, however, did say that they were really disappointed with their department.

Academic Flexibility

How would you rate the institute on the grounds of academic flexibility with 5 being the best?

The institute has always been praised for it’s multidisciplinary courses and academic flexibility. 63% respondents provided testimonials in the same vein giving a rating greater than or equal to 4 on 5. 21.4% rated the flexibility to be average i.e 3 on 5.


Had you been given an option not to attend any class, how regularly would you have attended?

The responses were almost diametrically opposite as 39.75% said they would have attended most classes while 32.5% responded that they have would have preferred attending as few lectures as possible. 7.5% said they would have attended all classes nonetheless while 11.5%, given the option, would have never seen lecture halls.

Extent of Malpractices

How honest were you with your academics?

In an institution where a student is strongly penalised for indulging in academic malpractices, it is no surprise that 47.6% were totally honest in IIT. However, if situation permitted, 23.2% did cheat whereas 18% always felt guilty about cheating at any given time.

Academics and Dishonesty

What propelled you to use unfair means?

Disinterest in a course proved to be a major factor for using unfair means having a contribution of 37.6%. 25.9% justified their usage by saying they were just going with the herd mentality as everyone else was doing it.

In which of the following did you use unfair means?

Home assignments were the hotspot as 47.3% respondents used plagiarism to complete them. 68 students tried to misrepresent information in projects and/or presentations. The infamous quizzes were cheated on by only 15.3% of the respondents.

How ethically wrong do you think academic dishonesty is?

While many might agree to committing academic malpractices, when it comes to justifying its ethical correctness, 89.6% responded with varying degrees of disagreement against academic dishonesty. 7.4% preferred to stay neutral while 3% believed there was nothing wrong as everyone is dishonest at some point of time in their life.