Student Activities

Which of these activities/groups/clubs were you part of?

Almost 35% respondents claimed that were associated with technical clubs or had participated in their activities. Sports and cultural enthusiasts were 29.2% and 26.2% respectively. Amongst the independent bodies, Mood Indigo witnessed maximum participation at 27.7% followed by Techfest at 23.8%.

Skills Developed

Did IIT help you develop/pick-up any skill? If yes, then what?

Interestingly, organisational skills grabbed the top spot for 64% respondents. The institute helped 45.2% pick-up technical skills. Sports and cultural skills were developed by 36.1% and 34.9% respectively.

Value Addition

How much value addition do you think your stay at IIT provided you?

Lifelong value addition was the popular choice opted for by 230 (69.5%) graduating students. 12.4% claimed they learnt a lot but were unsure of its relevance in the future while 14.5% did not respond. Only 1 respondent claimed he/she did not perceive anything at all

Influence of PoRs

Taking up a position of responsibility has greatly benefited your personality and/or helped you secure a lucrative job offer/admission.

48% were positive to the fact that PoRs helped them in their personality development and/or in job prospects.