About Hostel Rooms

How satisfied were you with your hostel rooms?

While 25% respondents were indifferent about their room conditions, 35% said they were extremely dissatisfied with their cramped hostel rooms. 24% still said they were content with their rooms.

About Mess food

What do you think of the mess food in hostels?

A third of the respondents felt that the mess food was highly disappointing, and that they mostly disliked it. Only 11% said they actually liked the food being served. The rest of the responses ranged from students being apathetic about what they ate, to not caring about the food since they hardly ate in the messes anyway.

On being an IIT-ian

Which of these would you say you failed to develop/missed out on because of studying in IIT?

152 of the 332 respondents did not feel they missed out on anything, affirming the fact that they felt that IIT had an environment conducive to honing an individual's overall skill-set.

On Social Disconnect

Do you feel a disconnect from other non-IITians in your age group?

When asked whether the IITians felt a social ‘disconnect’ from their peers from different institutes, 21% said they felt a huge disconnect while trying to socialize with peers of their own age. 63% said that this disconnect was momentary and didn’t matter much. Only 16% outright denied the existence of such a disconnect.

About Startups and Entrepreneurship

Pick an option most applicable to you presently

While about 38% of students said they weren’t inclined towards startups and entrepreneurship in general, 10% have founded or cofounded a startup or work currently at a startup. 36% wish to work for or found a startup in the future.

On Freedom of Expression

Is the current government malevolently and systemically targeting students and their freedom of expression?

When asked on their opinion on the same, 86 respondents agreed while 90 disagreed. Although, almost half of the total respondents were neutral or chose not to answer the question.

On Political Inclinations

How would you describe your political leaning?

When asked to describe their political leaning, 102 respondents said they leaned towards the left (liberal) and 40 said they did so towards the right (conservative). 190 of 332 respondents were either not politically inclined or chose not to answer.

On Religious Beliefs

What are your religious beliefs?

On religious beliefs, while 39% respondents said they were believers, 21% said they identified themselves as atheists. Another 39% said that they were agnostic.