Gender and Sexual Orientation

What is your gender and sexual orientation?

91.5% of the respondents were male while 8.5% were females. 96% identified themselves as straight in their freshmen year as compared to 93% on the present day.

Hometown Demographics

Which region would you call your native place?

A large number of students have their native places in Maharashtra (22%) and Rajasthan (20%) as has been the trend for a few years. This was followed by Madhya Pradesh (13%) and Andhra Pradesh (7%). Bihar, UP, Gujarat and Telangana were represented by 5% respondents each.

You primarily grew up in a:

Small cities was the popular choice at 37% followed by tier 1 metropolitan areas at 30%. 26% grew up in towns while 6% had a rural background.

Life after Graduation

How would you prefer to live after leaving the institute?

Staying with friends after graduation was the preferred option for 40% respondents. 27% chose to live their parents while 19% preferred to stay lone rangers. 13% wanted to stay with their partner/spouse.

When do you plan to get married?

As the graph states, 39.15% did not wish to dig their own grave until after 5 years. 31% were clueless while 21.4% wanted to marry between 3 to 5 years down the line.

Relationship with Family

How close were you to your family while at college?

66% maintained close relations with their families while 29.8% had a less than average interaction with their parents. The fact that only 3% thought that they could have maintained much better relations with their families while studying at IIT is a good sign.

Relationships and Sex

Have you dated while at IIT?

28.3% dated someone from outside IIT while 23.2% had dates within IIT itself. 47% did not date for various reasons such as fear, disinterest or simply considered it socially unacceptable.

How many relationships were you in during your stay at IIT-B?

48.8% were unsuccessful in opening an account. 42.2% had one or two relationships in their stay here. 2% respondents had more than five relationships.

How frequently did you have sex at IIT?

73% respondents from the graduating batch are still virgins. 13.5% had sex less than 10 times during their education. 9.6% had sex regularly for a part of their stay.

Social Life

Would you call yourself an extrovert or an introvert and did that change after entering IIT?

Around 60% students considered themselves as introverts before coming to IIT, of which 35% graduated as introverts while the rest identified themselves as extroverts by the end of their stay here. Of the 25% students who considered themselves as extroverts before coming to IIT, 18 % are still extroverts whereas 7% now think of themselves as introverts.

How was your interaction with people from the opposite sex, after coming to IIT?

“Few people but only as acquaintances” was the most popular choice (39.2%). 29.8% replied they had a few close friends from the opposite sex. 7.8% claimed that they did not know anyone from the opposite sex.