Narrative - Academics

Being one of the most esteemed and top engineering institutes of India, academics at IIT Bombay has seen many interesting sides and the perception and attitude of the students towards academics has been very diverse. We surveyed the students who have passed out this year to get more insights into the academic environment and students’ opinions about the same. Here are the highlights of our compilation:

  • A total of 183 students filled out the survey form presenting their views across a plethora of questions ranging from students’ outlook towards their departments to academic dishonesty and attendance

  • Consistent with the tag of being the most prestigious institute in the country, 79% of the correspondents attached high to very high importance to their CPI

  • While most of the students wanted a good CPI, only about 11.5% correspondents said that they studied regularly throughout the semester

  • A big cheers to the academic system saw 69% of the respondents positively rating the flexibility of the academic system of the Institute (in terms of Minors, Credit Systems, ALC etc.)

  • The 2019 batch were relatively unhappy with the teaching methodologies of their Departments with more than 75% of the students rating them between average and poor

  • Hearteningly, about 54% respondents felt that going to classes was fruitful in the long run as the Professor generally tends to ask whatever is taught in class

  • Expectedly, about 90% correspondents found academic dishonesty wrong at some level or the other, out of which about 8.7% claimed to cheat because there was no escape from it