What department are you from?

A total of 183 students were surveyed, out of which Electrical, CS & Mechanical had the highest number of correspondents followed by Civil & Chemical. The number of correspondents was proportional to the strength of the graduating batch of the departments.

What degree will you be graduating with?

More than 81% of the correspondents graduated with a B.Tech degree, out of which 7.7% graduated with an additional Minors, 8.7% with an Honours & 6% with both. Among the rest, 18% students graduated with a Dual Degree while only 0.5% received an Integrated MSc degree.

Cumulative Performance Index (CPI)

What was your CPI?

More than 62% correspondents had a CPI above 8. About 22.4% of the students lied in the 7-8 CPI bracket while the rest 15.3% had a CPI below 6.

Attitude towards Academics

How much importance did the Academics hold for you?

A high percentage (38.25%) of correspondents felt that they were sincere towards their academics but couldn’t realize their true potential. About a quarter just wanted a decent CPI while one-fifth felt that they did justice to the academics. Rest of the students just wanted to sail through without much fuss.

How regularly did you study?

A not-so-surprising statistic so 64.48% students revealing that they studied only before quizzes. 24% went one step further and only studied during midsems/endsems. Very few students were regular in their studies as is the general insti rhetoric.

Could you gauge your academic interests?

More than 31% students answered in the affirmative. 56.28% students said that they got some clarification, while the rest answered in the negative.

How much academic value addition did you observe?

The most popular answers were ‘Learnt a lot and expect to carry the values lifelong’ and ‘Learnt something but unsure about its relevance’. Few students said that they didn’t learn much while even fewer said that they ‘Learned what they wanted to, not forced to’.

How would you rate the institute on the grounds of academic flexibility (in terms of Minors, Credit Systems, ALC etc)?

The institute received a positive response with 69% correspondents rating 4 or more stars. 18% gave an average rating of 3 while only 13% expressed discontent with a rating of 2 or less.

Expectations Vs Reality

Did insti live upto your expectations?

Only 20% correspondents said that insti experience was better than expected while almost 35% said that it was pretty disappointing. For the rest, it was along the expected lines.

How competitive did you find the environment here?

A whopping 81% found the environment highly competitive while only 7.6% students thought that it was easy.

How involving are the teaching methodologies in your department?

There was an overall negative response with a third of the students rating the teaching methodologies at 2 or less stars. Furthermore, 42.6% students gave an average rating while only about 1.1% students rated 5 stars.


How many classes did you attend?

Almost 30% of the correspondents always avoided a DX grade (xD). About 60% students attended about 40-80% classes, while less than 10% students attended less than 20% classes.

Do you think going/not going to class matters?

Around 54% of the students thought attending classes was fruitful in the long run with a rating of 4 or more stars. 24% of the students attached moderate importance to attending classes (3) while the rest didn’t think that classes added much value (2 or less).

What would your attendance have been if given a choice?

There was a divided response with about half the students attending most of the classes while the rest half attended few or no classes.

Academic (Mal)Practices

How honest were you on your exams/assignments?

More than half the students claimed that they were ‘Totally Honest’. About 39% were hesitant cheaters while 4.4% students changed turned themselves during their stay in the insti. On a positive note, 3.8% had a change of heart and resolved to honesty eventually.

How ethically wrong do you think academic dishonesty is?

An expected 90% of the students said that they found academic dishonesty wrong at some level or the other. Around 8.7% of the above said that they cheated because there was no escape from it, which is disappointing.

Where did you cheat?

While 73 students claimed that they never cheated, a large, but sadly expected, number (107) said that they cheated on assignments. Very few people cheated on midsems/endsems probably because of the higher risk involved.

What propelled you to be dishonest?

Responses ranged from ‘Everyone was doing it’ (41), ‘No interest in the course’ (31) to ‘Being caught up in non-academic activities’ (23).