Narrative - Career

Career paths become a significant ‘ever-present’ factor, especially in the latter part of an IITian’s life, with the undeniable grab for placements and university admissions. Here are the from our series of our career related questions:

Career Path

  • There was overall contentment in the career lines chosen with 55.2% correspondents were happy while about 5.5% went for the pay scale

  • A majority of the students plan to take examinations for higher studies with the most popular choices being CAT & GRE. Any extra knowledge never hurt nobody after all!

Place of Posting

  • While more than 70% correspondents were placed within the homeland, about one-sixth went to the USA, with almost double the number wishing to be posted there to begin with

  • The Metro cities have been flooded with IIT Bombay students with about 75% correspondents flying to either Delhi or Bengaluru or staying in Mumbai itself; there was also an exodus to small cities, towns and villages attracting about 10% respondents

Core Interest & Internships

  • Only 31% of the students said that the core opportunities available were enough while about 25% found them to be lacking

  • Internships garnered an overall positive response with more than 83% correspondents claiming that they played a role in them choosing their career paths