Career Path

What are you doing right now/will be doing five years from now?

64 correspondents are working in Technological Sector while 51 are pursuing higher studies. Other majority is 24 students working in the corporate non-core sector. 5 years from now, 46 students still saw themselves pursuing education while a further 36 said that they had no clue.

Are you interested in the career line you have chosen?

55.2% correspondents replied in the affirmative while 5.5% said that the pay was good which made interest secondary. The rest were dissatisfied with their choices.

Have you taken/plan on taking any higher studies exam?

A majority of the students plan on taking the GRE (89) and/or CAT (46). A further 38 students aim for GMAT while the same number do not plan on taking any competitive exams.

Place of Posting

Where have you been/wanted to be posted?

About 2/3rds of the correspondents have been placed in India, while about one-sixth are in the USA. The USA attracted the most no of people with about 1/3rd wishing to be posted there while India was a very-close second.

Where are you posted in India?

While most of the students went to Bengaluru (31.7%) & Mumbai (28.8%), about 14.4% went to the Capital. Small cities and towns attracted about 10.8% of the correspondents.

Where would you like to eventually settle?

Most of the students (65.57%) wished to eventually settle in the homeland itself, while about 16% want to make North America as their home. About 12.2% wished for Europe as their settling abode.

Core Interest

Were you interested in core when you first joined the institute?

A yes-no question, garnering affirmative responses from 65% correspondents.

Do you think there were enough core opportunities available?

A pretty divided response, with 31.7% in the affirmative and 25.7% in the negative. 42.6% students said the question did not apply to them.


Did you pursue any internship(s)?

A surprisingly high percentage (58) said that they didn’t do any interns while the rest went for some or the other intern.

Was your intern influential in you making your career choice?

More than 83% students said that interns played a moderate to major role in them drawing their career path while only 6.56% said that they made no difference in the thinking.