Narrative - Opinions

We gave the respondents a chance to opine on several issues that are relevant to the student community in general.

About IIT Bombay:

  • Facilities: More than 50% of the respondents were dissatisfied with the small and cramped rooms, while a little less than half of the respondents felt that the mess food was highly disappointing, and that they mostly disliked it.

  • Professors: When asked about their interactions with professors, 37.7% of the students claimed that they were not in touch with any professors apart from regular classes

  • On being an IITian: 62 out of 183 respondents claimed that they lacked on building their social and interpersonal skills, possibly suggesting a trend of self-centrism amongst the students. It also sheds some light on how students are unable to build holistic personalities.

  • Social Disconnect: More than 50% said they felt that they often felt uncomfortable while trying to socialize with peers of their own age.


  • Politics: 33% respondents said they leaned towards the left (liberal) and 20.1% said they did so towards the right (conservative), while the others chose not to comment or had no political inclination as such.

  • Religious beliefs: 39% respondents said they were believers, an almost equal population of 35.5% said they identified themselves as atheists.

  • Social Media: Around 50% of the respondents claimed to use social media for less than 1 hours per day, which seems like a good number given the prevalent addiction to the same in recent times.