Student Activities

Which of these activities did you indulge in during your stay at IIT Bombay?


Most of the correspondents were involved with the technical activities available in the institute. About 1/3rd students picked Mood Indigo. About 50 students indulged in Sports and Culturals.

Position(s) of Responsibility

Do you think your PoR was useful and added to your skillset?


More than 37% of the students answered in the affirmative while 22.4% felt that PoRs were moderately useful.

Value Addition

What fields would you say your skills have been enhanced in?


Almost 60% of the correspondents felt that their organizational skills were evolved, probably because of the various PoRs available in the institute. With the plethora of activities available in the institute, it was no surprise to see only 10% people opting for ‘I did not pick up any skill’.

Do you think there has been a value addition in you?

55% students felt that they learned something useful while about 8.7% were unsure of the relevance of what they learned. The rest were not confident about learning anything.