Narrative - Lifestyle

While at least 20% of the respondents ranked themselves in the worst bucket when asked to rate their lifestyles in terms of sleep, food, hygiene and health, a majority of the students still agreed that they had a good lifestyle in the institute.

Here’s a summary of the parameters we used to gauge the lifestyle distribution:

  • Physical Health - Only 35.5% of the respondents claimed that they bathed daily and only around 8% of students were very conscious of their diet. Sleep continued to be a major issue, with around 10% claiming to be disciplined about it.

  • Substance - With regards to substance consumption, two-thirds of the respondents accepted that they consume alcohol, 60% of whom began drinking in their first year, and around 15% consume nicotine.

  • Mental Health - 15% of the respondents visited the psychiatrist for mental health related issues, while a whopping 23.5% claimed that they needed professional counselling but refrained from approaching the consultants.

  • Expenditure - With 80% responding that they spent the most money on dining outside, the expenditure on food topped the list. The average spending was pegged around Rs. 3000-5000 per month.

  • Peer Pressure - 67% of the students faced a peer pressure to pull night-outs or to sleep late, while around 44% claimed to have faced pressure to perform better academically and to indulge in alcohol/smoking each.