Mental Health

Have you ever had to consult a psychiatrist/counselor for mental illness?


As many as 15% of the respondents visited the psychiatrist for mental health related issues, 1.6% of whom were regular throughout their stay. A stark proportion of 23.5% claimed that they needed professional counselling but refrained from approaching the consultants. This highlights the huge threshold for availing mental health services, and compels us to take action to bridge the gap.

Alcohol and Nicotine Consumption

On an average, how frequently did you drink alcohol?

While more than two-thirds of the respondents claim they consume alcohol, about 80% of them drink at a frequency of less than once a month.

When did you start drinking?

Upon asking when they started consuming alcohol, it was found that 60% of students began drinking after coming to the institute, mostly post their freshman year.

How frequently do/did you smoke cigarettes?

84.7% seniors proudly accepted that they do not indulge in smoking. Even amongst the others, majority smoke less than once a week.

Peer Pressure

Which of the following peer pressures did you face at IIT Bombay?

An astonishing 67% of the students faced a peer pressure to pull night-outs or to sleep late, while around 44% claimed to have faced pressure to perform better academically and to indulge in alcohol/smoking each.


Where do you peg your monthly expenditure?

What was the major cause of your spending?

Around 35.9% of the students pegged their monthly expenditure between 1000 and 3000 Rupees, while a quarter of the respondents spend over 5000 Rupees per month. Of their expenditures, the largest majority was spent on food.

Bucket List

Which of these have you ticked off your bucket-list?

4.2% of the people haven’t ticked any of the above off their bucket list.

Around half of the respondents (51.8%) had gone for a Goa Trip with their friends, while a large majority of 74.3% had travelled ticketless on a local. 31.9% claimed that they had not participated in any GC during their hostel life, while 20.4% and 15.7% displayed their endurance by participating in a marathon and cycling to Marine Drive respectively.

Which of these places have you visited during your stay at IIT-Bombay?

89.6% have been to the boathouse and 80.7% have climbed upon Sameer Hill. Only 34.4% have been to the edge of Vihar lake, while 41.1% and 3.6% have never been inside H10 and the library respectively.


How often did you take a bath (on an average)?

Quality of Life

On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with the quality of your life in the institute (1 being ‘not at all’, 10 being ‘very much’)?

Out of all respondents, 34.4% have rated their quality of life as 8, followed by 19.8% who rated it as 7 and 18.2% who rated it as 9. The fact that the number of respondents who gave their quality of life a 10 rating is significantly higher than lowest five rating combined which shows that the respondents perceived their quality of life in IITB to be good enough.