Narrative - Personal

IIT Bombay has studnets from all over the country which makes the environment very diverse both culturally and on an individual level, each with a different attitude and behaviour towards various things. This section of the survey entails various aspects such as their relationship with their family, love life and their interaction with other students of the institute:

Gender and Sexual Orientation

  • 91.8% correspondents identified themselves as male while 7.1% as female with the rest preferring not to answer the question; out of these 97.3% identified themselves as straight at the start of the freshie year with the corresponding number being 94% at graduation

Hometown Demographics and Religiois Beliefs

  • The hometown demographics were pretty varied (as expected) with about 39% hailing from big cities and 6% from villages; a majority of the students recognized Maharashtra as their home followed by Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh

  • Most of them primarily grew up in cities which accounted to around 66.1% while only 9.4% are from villages and 24.5% from towns.

  • 42.2% expressed their belief in God while 24% identified themselves as atheists. The rest being agnostic towards the existence of God.

Family and Relationships

  • Almost everyone maintained a decent relationship with their families after coming here with a minimal 1.6% which think they haven't maintained such thing.

  • A lot (39.6%) of students wanted to stay with their friends after leaving the institute. A reasonable number of students preferred staying alone with the remaining 28.7% who went for parents or lover/spouse.

  • About half the population has dated during their stay in the institute, either from the institute itself or from outside. The rest of them were either not interested or didn't have the courage to ask someone out. Among those who dated, most of them were involved in either 1 or 2 relationships. Very few respondents dated more than twice.

Social Life

  • About 65% of the respondents haven't changed during their stay in the institute that is, 41 % and 24.5% claimed to have been introverts and extroverts respectively right from their freshie year. From the rest, 26.6% have become extroverts from being introverts and vice versa applies for the remaining 7.8%