Gender and Sexual Orientation

Which gender do you identify yourself with?


91.8% correspondents identified themselves as male while 7.1% as female. The rest preferred not to answer the question.

How do you identify yourself in freshie year and present day?

97.3% students identified themselves as straight at the beginning of the freshie year while the number was 94% at the time of graduation. Only 0.5% were unsure of their sexual orientation as opposed to 2.2% at the beginning of the freshie year.

Hometown Demographics

You primarily grew up in a ____________?


The maximum correspondents were from big cities (39%) while only about 6% were from villages. Rest hailed from small towns and cities.

Which region would you call your native place?


A vast majority of students identified Maharashtra as their home. Rajasthan came second closely followed by Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh.

Relationships and Friendships

How close were you to your family while at college?


73.8% students claimed to have very healthy relationships with their families while 2.2% said that there were some sort of problems in their family relations.

Did/do you have romantic relationships during our stay at IIT Bombay?

108 students replied that they dated someone from or outside the Insti while 42 said that they never dated because they were too afraid to ask. Only 3 students said that dating was socially unacceptable.

How many friends do you have from the opposite sex?

The most common answer was ‘know a few people from the opposite sex, but only as acquaintances’. Only 8 people claimed to have more friends of the opposite sex than the same sex.

Life after Graduation

Who are you living with after graduation?


While almost 60% of the correspondents said that they were living with their friends, about 10.9% of those identified the friend as their partner. The rest 40% are either living alone or with their parents.

When do you plan to get married?


While most students had no idea about their marriage plans, about 35% saw themselves getting married anytime after 5 years from now. A fraction (1.64%) said that they plan to marry in the next couple of years while no one claimed to be married already.

Sexual Desires

How often did you have sex while at IIT Bombay?

An expected 68.3% students never had sex while the rest claimed to have experienced it in some capacity. About 3.3% said that they regularly had sex throughout their stay in Insti.

How often did you watch porn?


Almost 85% students watched porn regularly throughout or for parts of their stay while only 7.1% “claimed” to have never watched it at all.